My Top Ten Favorite Hollow Knight Bosses

Do you play Hollow Knight? Well I do too! so read my crappy views on the bosses from Hollow Knight.

My Top Ten Favorite Hollow Knight Bosses

Disclaimer: if you do not play hollow knight, this will be extremely confusing.


Whether it’s Hornet, the dung defender, or the hollow knight himself, everyone who has actually gotten past kings pass in hollow knight has a favorite boss. I, a self proclaimed hollow knight GAMER, also have one. But let’s ask a more specific question… What are people’s top 10 favorite bosses in hollow knight? Even more specific: What are My top 10 favorite bosses in hollow knight?Well. As this is my article, thus I can do whatever the hell I want with it, almost… I’ll be listing my personal favorite hollow knight bosses. Oh, and as you might assume… major hollow knight spoilers.

How i will be deciding it:

So I’ll be deciding my bosses based on three main factors; Their design, their story/lore, and just third is their fight. I will be rating each out of ten. and these won’t be like the american school system in which a 5/10 is a fail, so 5/10 will be middle of the road. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Number 10: Lost Kin

Starting off with Lost Kin… tbh the only reason that they’re not higher on this list is because I rated him a 3/10 story/lorewise. Idk They’re kinda just there… When it comes to design, I gave him an 8/10 because I just really like the idea behind his design. Yknow, ¨the whole vessel taken over completely by the infection¨. Now we’re back to the mid ratings. When it came down to my experience with his fight, I gave him a 7/10. I did this because I think he has a pretty unique fight. They’re another vessel like you, so they have similar attacks to you in a way… ok well not that many but you both have a nail, know how to swing a nail, and can dash, so close enough.

Number 9: Watcher Knights

Now people might hate me for this, but I’ll just say… The design for the watcher knights is so very bad. I’m giving the watcher knights a 6/10 for design. I would give their designs a 5-5.5/10 instead but they are meant to be boring since they are soldiers, but still! old army uniforms were drippy as hell back in the day, so there’s no excuse. For their story/lore, i gave them a 7/10. They’re pretty important to the hollow knight lore since they are guarding a dreamer, but other than that they hold little to no importance. And as for their fight. I really like the idea of there being multiple of them. I think that’s a cool mechanic, that’s seen in a few other fights, but not to this extent. For that, I rate the fight a solid 7/10 since its good, but could be better.

Number 8: Hornet Sentinel

Hornet is one of my favorite characters in hollow knight, mainly because of her design. I just really love it. It’s not too complicated, but still gives you the elegant yet strong vibes that hornet is all about. Due to this, I rated her design an 8/10. For her story/lore; I think that her lore is really interesting. Though it does seem a little forced that her mom was one of the dreamers, but i still vibe with it… 8/10. And for her fight… The reason i put hornet 2 instead of hornet 1 is because i just prefer hornet 2 as a boss. Hornet 1 is just too slow to put up a challenge. That is why I am giving it a 7/10.

Number 7: Sisters of Battle

The Sisters of battle/mantis lords are pretty cool when it comes to their story/lore in hollow knight. A brief explanation is that they are the leaders of the mantis tribe with combatic strength, which is something that the mantis tribe values. That is why I gave the story an 8/10. I also might be slightly biased since I just really like the story. Their design is also pretty cool, since they just look like bigger mantises, which shows how at some point they were the same as the other mantises, but were able to rise to the top with combatic knowledge. Because of that, I gave them a 7/10 for design. And I think that they have a good fight. It gets rather tedious at some point, but i  think that’s a good thing, because it gives a rhythm to it. Due to this I gave it an 8.5/10. I didn’t exactly see it like the most fun thing in the world like everyone else says it is, but that could just be a me thing.

Number 6: Paintmaster Sheo

Ok this one’s very biased… his design is a 10/10… I just love it so much. It might be because I’m something of an artist myself, but I just love his design. I also love his story. And I also like his fight a lot. I love how he just kinda flings paint at you. And at the same time he’s doing the technique that he teaches you. So I’ll be rating his fight a 6.5/10. I don’t know- I like Sheo to a fault. His story also is nice. He was another one of the Nailmasters, then he laid his nail down and started painting. It’s a nice story, which makes it an 8.5/10

Number 3: Nailmasters Oro and Mato

Right after Sheo, there are his brothers Oro and Mato. I really like alot about them, like their designs, and their fight. The one thing setting back their designs by a point is that they are the same in looks, unlike Sheo, which is why I gave their design an 8.5/10. For their fight, I’m giving them an 8.9, since it’s a really fun fight, and I really enjoy it, but I just can’t give it a 9/10. The story kinda ties into the fight. Their story is that they are brothers who had a disagreement which made them split up. And then once oro is losing the fight, Mato comes to bail him out. I just love the fact that they put aside their differences to fight together, which is why I’m giving their story an 8/10.

Number 4: White defender

The white defender is definitely the most fun boss on this list in my opinion. It’s a good boss for challenge runs, and I like how he’s just a buffed version of the dung defender which used to be my favorite boss. His fight gets a 9/10. I also love how this is one of the five great warriors in his prime. 9.5/10 for story. And lastly for his design, I gave it an 8.5/10. I feel that he looks better as the white defender than as the dung defender. I just like the white on him (i’m not racist i swear). I can’t think of anything to make it better, but it’s still not the best design, which is why I think I gave it a fair rating.

Number 3: Troupe Master Grimm

We’re onto the grimm troupe now! Personally, I love the grimm troupe dlc, and especially grimm. I really love his design and especially his personality! I love it so much, whe whole thing is about performances and stages. He was definitely a theater kid in highschool. And I’ll just say, his design is an 8.5/10, but is carried by his personality, bumping it up to a 9.5/10. His story also gets a 9.5/10, since I just love the grimm troupe lore so very much! I think its pretty cool as a whole. And his fight is really fun too! I find myself doing challenge fights with him the most often, because he’s a mix of easy to beat, and fun to beat. A 9.5/10 fight.

Number 2: Pure vessel

Now we are onto the hollow knight himself… well- in his prime. I’ll start with his design; I think it’s kinda cool how you get to see the hollow knight without the infection in him, but to be honest, I prefer him in the armor. He just looked way cooler with the armor on. If he had his armor on during the fight, I’d definitely rate him 10/10 for design, but as he doesn’t, I rate his design a 9/10 instead. Pure vessel is one of the most important characters in the lore. And he also has one of the most sad stories. Essentially, he acted hollow to try to save Hollownest, but he still had will of his own, which would eventually doom the kingdom of hollownest. 10/10 story. Now I’ll say right now: I haven’t actually beaten Pure Vessel, but I’ve fought him before, and I think that his fight is really cool, but also hard. however its probably the situation where im just bad at the game, and the fight isn’t bad, making it only fair to give the fight a 10/10.

Number 1: Nightmare King Grimm

This. is my favorite boss in hollow knight. the final boss of the Grimm troupe. Once again, I haven’t actually beaten him yet, but I’ve gotten rather far in his fight. I find his fight to be one of the most fun yet challenging fights in the whole game. It’s just like the fight for regular grimm, but more challenging, as there is little rhythm to it. In essence, it takes all that wasn’t the best in the troupe master grimm gith, and made it even better. Just remember when you first got to fight him and you see the full screen nameplate. The adrenaline! 10/10 fight for sure. And as his story is the same as the grimm troupe, I’m giving it the same rating. So it’s 9.5/10 for the story. And for his design. I really love it, and I would definitely give it a 10/10, but I have one gripe with it. I feel as though there’s too much bright red. If the red on grimm`s head was a little more maroon, then i would give him a 10/10, but since that isn’t the case, He gets a 9.8/10, since he has a better design than grimm in my opinion, but still isn’t the best.

Honorable mentions: 

  • Traitor lord
  • Failed Champion
  • Soul Tyrant


And with that, My top 10 bosses are listed. If you disagree, then too bad! This is my Article, and if you have a different opinion, go write your own article and link it in the comment section to the right so that I won’t be reading. That’s all I’ve got to say for now.