What is Poetry? How is it distributed in our daily lives?


Rena Kamugu, Contributor


What is it?

Poetry is made up of feelings and thoughts.

A particular rhythmic and stylistic style

It dates back to a time when words had not yet been formed.

When humans use movement, sketching, and other means to communicate a tale.

Poetry can take many different forms. It manifests itself in the form of writing, speaking, dancing, and rapping..


How does it come into our lives?

It aids in the release of bottled-up emotions by guiding you properly.

Putting your attention on the sources of your emotions.

It can be beneficial during moments of reflection. Reflection is all around us.



We all make mistakes, after all.

We are human beings, after all.

Because we require fresh perspectives.


Even if we don’t know how, we all need change. We all need something to fall back on when things don’t go as planned.

That something is referred to as poetry.