COLORS by Nitya Telajala


Nitya Telajala, Contributer


I see colors everywhere,

Bursting through the air like fireworks.

The bold color of blood flies away in bits,

when those angry words escape from your lips.

The sound of fire erupts in my ear,

As I step back in fear.

I see your face turn into the color of a Poppy Papaver

I only see RED when you swear.


I see the color of the fall leaves,

Making an entrance as you become free.

If it were a taste it would be so sour 

And the smell would stain your nose.

The shade of color lets me know that you are on your toes.

I only see ORANGE when you are energetic.


I see the color of the sun

When you are having fun.

The color of flowers,

That are taller than trees.

I only see YELLOW when you smile


I see the color of leaves displayed on your face,

As it scrunches more as seconds take place.

As you scan everyone through your eyes,

The color of grass runs side by side.

You stick out your tongue and turn the other way,

Not really wanting to stay.

I only see GREEN when you feel disgust.


I see the color of the river,

Slide down from your eyes as you stand in the corner.

You try to hide behind your hair 

As you endure.

I see BLUE when you are upset.


I see the color of lavender

When your eyes search the horizon for something that has yet to come.

You know that you will soon find the gem.

The color of plums dances across your back, leaving me watching

Motivation for you to keep going.

I only see PURPLE when you need hope


I see all the colors fly out in different directions,

They all come together to paint one clear image.

I see a RAINBOW when I see you.