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The Madness of March
April 30, 2024

True Friends – Part 2

True Friends – 2 is out now! Read more to find out what happens next!
True Friends - Part 2
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I head my way to the cafeteria, bumping into children, desperate for food. With every step, I feel my stomach growling. As I enter the volcano sized cafeteria, filled with different people in different groups, I stare at all the foods that were being prepared. Some looked cooked. Others looked raw. Perhaps the raw ones were not even touched by a chef’s hands yet.

I started to walk into a long line of other kids who were waiting for their food. The line seemed so long, it felt as if it stretched across the Sahara desert. I could hear all the conversations at once, but most mixed into a blur and my mind went blank for a few seconds until I saw her. Laura! Wait. I saw another figure sitting next to her. She already made a friend? But, I was supposed to be her friend! Only me! The feeling of jealousy boiled in my stomach as my hands slowly stiffened into fists. I walked more and more into the line as it shortened.

Each step forward felt like a heavy weight pressing down on me. The clatter of trays and the hum of voices became background noise to the storm brewing inside me. I glanced over at Laura again. She was laughing, her eyes sparkling in a way that made my chest tighten. Who was that person sitting with her? What did they have that I didn’t?

As I finally reached the front of the line, the lunch lady handed me a tray. I grabbed it, barely noticing the food she placed on it. My mind was focused on Laura. I needed to get to her, to find out what was going on. My feet moved automatically towards her table, navigating through the crowded cafeteria.

When I reached her table, I hesitated for a moment. The new friend looked up at me with curious eyes. Laura’s laughter died down as she noticed me standing there. “Hey,” I said, trying to keep my voice steady. “Can I sit here?”

Laura glanced at her new friend and then back at me. “Of course,” she said with a smile, but I could see the hesitation in her eyes. “This is Sarah. We met in math class.”

“Hi, Sarah,” I muttered, forcing a smile. “Nice to meet you.”

Sarah smiled back politely, but I could feel the tension in the air. I sat down, my tray untouched. The food that had seemed so important a few minutes ago was now forgotten. My mind raced with thoughts of Laura and Sarah, the fear of being replaced before I barely knew much about her gnawing at me.

Laura tried to include me in the conversation, but I could only manage half-hearted responses. My jealousy was like thick fog, clouding my thoughts and making it hard to focus. I needed to find a way to push through it, to remind myself that friendships could grow and change without losing their value.

As lunch went on, I tried to remind myself of the time Laura and I had shared in the English classroom, the bond we had built.

I took a deep breath, determined to make an effort. “So, Sarah, what do you think of math class so far?” I asked, trying to sound genuinely interested.

Sarah’s face lit up, and she began talking about her favorite topics and the things she found challenging. I listened, trying to push my jealousy aside and really hear what she was saying. But it was as hard as moving a boulder up the highest mountain. I want to tear them apart. But how?

To Be Continued…

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Julianna Cano
Julianna Cano, Writer
Julianna Cano is currently in 7th grade on the Orange Team and is a very hard working student who tries her best to get all of her assignments completed. It has always been her dream to become an author. She started writing at a young age. Just started with staplers and paper. Going to 7th grade meant more independence and closer to accomplishing her dream to becoming an author. As her writing grew, so did her techniques and she moved to using technology to write her stories. From poems to journalism, Julianna loves writing stories that have meaning and that people can relate to so that it can give them a sense of comfort whether they are facing something hard, or cherishing memorable times.

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