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April 30, 2024
The Blue Bird
The Blue Bird
April 25, 2024

Stanley Cup Trend: Is It Really Worth It?

What do you think about these popular cups?

What do you think? Are Stanley Cups worth it?


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A cup that rose to fame because of a video on the internet. The video was about a woman’s car catching on fire and the Stanley cup surviving the accident with ice still in the cup and minimal damage found. The video got a lot of views, and it became so popular that it skyrocketed the Stanley business. The creator of the cup saw the video, gave courtesy to the lady, and went full lengths to provide money for a new car for the lady because she helped his business boom.

Business was booming for Stanley until researchers found out how much lead it contained and the amount of lead that was in the bottom of the tumbler. There is also a lot of leaking in the tumbler and Ii is very heavy. The cup was really expensive so a lot of buyers expected more benefits. I have mentioned most of the cons, but there are pros too; It holds a lot of cold water for a nice amount of time, and it looks pretty darn cute.

There are a high amount of alternative and most arguably better cups, that are especially astounding for the intricate and niche market Stanley’s find themselves in. These alternate cooled cups are additionally cheaper than Stanley’s themselves.

After interviewing some people owning Stanley cups, some answers have been given from direct sources of these owners. For privacy reasons and the personal satisfaction of each interviewee, some of the people have been kept anonymous.

Anonymous 1: I brought the cup because I thought that I would try out. So far, I have no complaints, except for the fact that leaks a bit. But otherwise, I’m content with it.

Anonymous 2: I got the cup as a Christmas present, and it is definitely not worth it.

Anonymous 3: got it because she wanted to get more water, worth it

Anonymous 4: Yeti water bottles are decent in durability, temperature insulation, and has leak-proof features, though its a little higher priced and possibly difficult to clean.

Anonymous 5: Owala water bottles have no straw, but have a spout that is like a straw. You can drink out of the spout like a straw, or tilt it upwards to take bigger gulps instead. the only cons to this product is the tilting feature, which is uncomfortable to many, and also the fact the the bottle is bigger and bulkier, though it fits into most backpack pockets, and is easy to hold.

Anonymous 6: Hydro Flasks are highly durable, easy to carry on the go, and keep your beverages in the same temperature they were poured in at for several hours together.

Anonymous 7: For the people who believe that Stanleys aren’t worth it, Brew Mate is a better option. When locked then tipped, it doesn’t spill. the only disadvantage to this cup is that it has a short straw, but otherwise its a decently better cup.  It’s straw is silicone, fine for the teeth, and looks much like the Stanley model.

Mrs. Nottingham, Yellow Team English Teacher: I got the cup for free and was originally okay with it, but you should decide whether you really want to buy it or not- there are better bottles out there. My dislike for Stanley’s has grown since I got it. Now it sits in my cabinet.

As you can see, some people like the cup and are happy with it, while others are rather fed up with it. Stanley cups have been exposed for that lead at the bottom, and people have become cautious about the dangerous situation. So, are Stanley cups really worth it?

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Bhavya Kamakolanu
Bhavya Kamakolanu is a 7th grader on Orange Team, mostly calm and positive. She enjoys reading a lot, as well as writing creative stories, she has even published a few chapters of a book she's writing! Some of her favorite books are "M is for Autism" by Vicky Martin, "Keeper Of The Lost Cities " by Shannon Messenger, and "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer.

Comments (2)

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  • T

    Theertha NairApr 2, 2024 at 7:47 pm

    I really like this article! I’ve watched the viral video before, but didn’t think Stanley’s would become THIS popular. I was wondering if the Stanley cup was really worth it and when I learned about the price, I got even more doubtful. Thanks for showing people’s thoughts on this!

    • J

      Julianna CanoApr 25, 2024 at 4:58 pm

      Yeah, I agree with Theertha! Social Media platforms these days could make anything go trending or viral! Like a Stanley Cup! A little bit insane if you really think about it, but yeah! Thank you for giving me a deeper understanding about the viral Stanley Cup!