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The Madness of March
April 30, 2024
The Blue Bird
The Blue Bird
April 25, 2024

CAN You Guess the Winner?

Here are the final rankings for the Can Drive:
CAN You Guess the Winner?

The results of the Can Drive have come out! As many may already know, the Maroon team has won again. The number of cans per team have been kept anonymous, but the runner ups are Yellow, in a close second, Orange right after in third, and Blue then in fourth. If you’ve read our prelude to the Can Drive, then you probably know that our cans are going to the Westborough Food Pantry, off to help many many families in need. If you didn’t read it, then here is what the Westborough Food Pantry does:

The Westborough Food Pantry is an organization that donates food to people in need, or do not have a lot of food, in Westborough! They help make sure that no one in Westborough goes hungry!

Maroon Team in their victory had an “alternative schedule” Which had an ice-cream party, games of kickball, video games such as Mario Kart, Educational movies (that being “The outsiders” and “Freedom Writers”). Meanwhile, the Yellow team had carried on and about on their normal schedules, but got a special addition to their grade. Mrs. Cote, the Yellow Team science teacher, gave extra bonus points to her students, as a reward for coming in second place. The Orange Team celebrated their third-place victory with a small movie called “National Treasure”, along with a small special treat for the movie, some lollipops. Keeping aside our little parties, we have gotten a total of 1215 cans! This is a great victory for our whole school, and together we have accomplished this.

If you didn’t donate during the can drive, but still want to help Westborough Food Pantry, you can donate to then on any day, any time at Westborough Fire Department lobby, Roche Brothers, and Stop and Shop. The Pantry is open from Thursdays 9:00 am – 11:30 am and 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm. You can also donate money! For more information visit their website:

There will be more can drives in Gibbons either this year or next year, so if you can’t donate now, just remember that there will be more opportunities to help others! Let’s do just as good in the next donation drive. Great job Gibbons!

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Bhavya Kamakolanu
Bhavya Kamakolanu is a 7th grader on Orange Team, mostly calm and positive. She enjoys reading a lot, as well as writing creative stories, she has even published a few chapters of a book she's writing! Some of her favorite books are "M is for Autism" by Vicky Martin, "Keeper Of The Lost Cities " by Shannon Messenger, and "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer.
Theertha Nair
Theertha Nair, Editor/Author
Hi! My name is Theertha Nair, and I'm in 7th grade on the Yellow Team. I've always enjoyed writing, and when I learned that there was a school newspaper in Gibbons at the beginning of 6th grade, I was ecstatic. This is my first year doing journalism, and I'm loving it already! I play two styles of violin; Western Classical, and South Indian classical. In my free time, I enjoy a lot of things; baking, cooking, drawing, reading, biking, and basketball. I'm hoping that Gazette will help me get better at writing! Some of my favorite books are Song for a Whale, Benefits of Being an Octopus, and the Time Castaway Trilogy.

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    SURESH KUMAR M VMar 25, 2024 at 9:15 pm

    Thought provoking article well written