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April 30, 2024

The “Wear Blue” Message

The mysterious message received from many students
Screenshot from a message on TikTok.
Screenshot from a message on TikTok.

“I was kind of confused,” Declan admitted, “but I also thought it would be hilarious if I saw the whole school wearing blue.”

— Declan O'Neil

The Gibbons hallways are always full of colors. Red, black, green— but on November 15th, the popular color blue swarmed the building, taking the school by storm.

Turns out, this was an organized scheme.


You see, many students had received a text from their classmates about the plan before-hand. The text was sent to everybody they knew from school, passed from student to student. The creator, who first thought of the idea and started the whole chain, still remains anonymous, unfortunately.


If you weren’t there, or didn’t notice, you might have some questions. How far has this message traveled? Did it achieve its goal? Was there a purpose behind it?

We think we have found the answers.


Here’s the text:


November 15 everyone will Wear The Color


We are going to confuse the teachers so Copy and paste this to everybody in your contacts BESIDES adults!

(This started in CONNECTICUT. See how far we can get it!)”


Students have also gotten variations of this text, like some saying that it started in New Hampshire instead of Connecticut.


The message has gotten pretty far, spreading on social media platforms like TikTok, and other platforms where you can text your friends.  

From our sources, the message has been able to reach many kids across the country.  Thousands of kids from different schools wore blue in the hope to puzzle their teachers. The text even reached South Korea, where almost every student in some schools wore blue.


But the question still remains… Did the prank confuse the teachers?


Sadly, most adults have forgotten because of all the time that has passed (sorry for publishing this late), but we have the answers from kids who have received the message, and the reaction of kids who didn’t get it.


Here are some things we heard:


“I was kind of confused,” Declan admitted, “but I also thought it would be hilarious if I saw the whole school wearing blue.”  Declan got the message while he was working on a different article for the Gazette (you should check it!), and shared it with his friends. They too had very similar reactions.


Layth, who also received the message from a friend, said this: “I was surprised. In fact, I was confuzzled. I was thinking about doing it, so I looked in my closet. But all my blue clothes were too small.”  He also shared it with some classmates, further spreading the message.


“First, when I saw everyone wearing blue, I was confused. Nobody I knew was wearing blue, but everyone else was wearing blue. I saw some teachers wearing blue, so I thought it was a fashion trend. I wore blue the next day, but no one was wearing it.  I thought people were playing a trick on me!” said Akshath (Raman), who unfortunately didn’t get the message.

But kids outside of Westborough said teachers at their schools were very baffled, so I guess the initial goal of the person who started this was achieved!


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Theertha Nair
Theertha Nair, Editor/Author
Hi! My name is Theertha Nair, and I'm in 7th grade on the Yellow Team. I've always enjoyed writing, and when I learned that there was a school newspaper in Gibbons at the beginning of 6th grade, I was ecstatic. This is my first year doing journalism, and I'm loving it already! I play two styles of violin; Western Classical, and South Indian classical. In my free time, I enjoy a lot of things; baking, cooking, drawing, reading, biking, and basketball. I'm hoping that Gazette will help me get better at writing! Some of my favorite books are Song for a Whale, Benefits of Being an Octopus, and the Time Castaway Trilogy.

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