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The Madness of March
April 30, 2024
The Blue Bird
The Blue Bird
April 25, 2024

The Westborough Environmental Fair— what’s it all about?


      The Environment. The Earth and all things on it. Everyone seems to be raving about the environment. And let’s not forget about the notorious climate change, and the collapsing of ecosystems. Why should we even care? And what can we do about it? 

     If you haven’t heard already, the Earth is slowly getting warmer every year. The change in temperature is just a couple of degrees, which might not seem like a lot at first. But that small change is enough to create larger, worse storms that cause polar ice caps to melt. This results in a variety of things, such as rising sea levels and dying ecosystems. Polar bears no longer have a home to nurse cubs in, people in California are sickening from droughts, wildfires, and the extreme heat. And I’m sorry to say that the root cause is humans. By chopping down forests, burning fossil fuels, and farming livestock, we’re digging our own grave for both the population, and earth. However, if we work hard enough, humans can also be the solution to this problem! There are many ways we can help and learn about sustainability. It’s as simple as composting remains of our food, or recycling things we don’t need anymore. Additionally, we have an amazing club in Gibbons to make our school more eco-friendly! Something that’s just around the corner is the annual Westborough Environmental Action Fair! I’m sure you’ve seen the posters around school, but you might be wondering what it really is. Well today, we have all the details in this article!

      The Westborough Environmental Action Fair occurs annually, and this year, it’s on March 16 from 1-4 PM at the High School. There are speakers, exhibits, and even a poster contest! There will be companies from Westborough and beyond, and you might get some free stuff. Here are some things students can do to take part in the fair:

Students can participate by making an exhibit and entering in the poster contest. The exhibits are trifolds or brochures about different things that cover the environment. This can include sea level rising, Climate Change, the danger of PFAS, and etc. Students can stand near their exhibit and explain their project to others, or they could explore other people’s exhibits! It’s a fun opportunity to meet new people, learn more about what’s going on environmentally in Westborough, and looking at new ideas on being eco-friendly! You can find more information about the student exhibits here:

     The poster contents are new this year!  You can create a poster encouraging environmentally friendly actions! There will be prizes in 3 categories: Grades K-3, 4-8, and 9-12! Registration is due March 1st, and you can submit posters to an Art For Earth collection box, located at all the schools and the Westborough Public Library. The winners will get an art related gift card! You can find poster and submission guidelines with this link:

As someone who took part in the fair last year, it was a fun and engaging experience to meet new people who are passionate about the same thing, and learn more about ways people are helping the environment! Last year, a governor from Worcester even came to visit. There were also challenges set up by different businesses and students, and it was nice to listen to other perspectives about our Earth. It’s an amazing event that you can take part in!

To learn more about this fair, visit’

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Theertha Nair
Theertha Nair, Editor/Author
Hi! My name is Theertha Nair, and I'm in 7th grade on the Yellow Team. I've always enjoyed writing, and when I learned that there was a school newspaper in Gibbons at the beginning of 6th grade, I was ecstatic. This is my first year doing journalism, and I'm loving it already! I play two styles of violin; Western Classical, and South Indian classical. In my free time, I enjoy a lot of things; baking, cooking, drawing, reading, biking, and basketball. I'm hoping that Gazette will help me get better at writing! Some of my favorite books are Song for a Whale, Benefits of Being an Octopus, and the Time Castaway Trilogy.

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