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April 30, 2024
The Blue Bird
The Blue Bird
April 25, 2024

Raising Cane’s: An in-depth, crave-causing review


Hello gibbons! We have quite the story for you today, and quite the taste too!

A restaurant named “Raising Cane’s” has made waves in the Westborough area and beyond. It’s unique yet homey mood is far from difficult to get used to, which is precisely why it is so popular today. In this story, Gibbons Gazette photographer Layth took a trip to explore the wonders this eatery offers. From its iconic “Cane’s Sauce” to its classic sweet tea, this restaurant has all the marks of a Michelin star masterpiece.


Here’s the brutally honest review, with real-deal statements provided by Layth – photographer/food critique, and Andrew – non connected visitor;

Andrew: “The food is exquisite, the tenders are made very well, and honestly, if I could go to Cane’s or KFC, I would definitely choose to go to Cane’s”


Layth: “During my visit to Raising Cane’s, I got the box combo meal, which I would certainly recommend for any new or returning customers to Cain’s. So, let’s get right to it.

First off, and arguably one of the greatest parts of the Cane’s experience, the sauce. Allegedly made with mayo, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, salt, and freshly ground black pepper, this super sauce can’t seem to be replicated, despite the public’s efforts. How do I know this? well, I tried one of these mock recipes for myself, and blind tested my family members, as well as myself, and the results, were nothing but lackluster. No matter how many influencers try to convince you that only THEIR recipe can match the sauce that so many call home, don’t fall for it. If you want a sauce that makes you feel confident that you’re eating well, then this is the real deal.

Secondly, the chicken. This is where things get tricky. Cane’s chicken is unmatched in terms of crispiness and juice within their chicken, but when you get to the topic of seasoning, I would describe it as just one taste bud below par when compared with some of the other branches and brands out there. But hold on, we here at the Gibbons Gazette always do our best to deliver, and I wouldn’t be giving this review if I didn’t believe in this place, so let me give my two cents. Although the chicken’s seasoning is just a smidgen too soft, the sauce, as per usual, most definitely saves the day. Cane’s chicken paired with Cane’s sauce is THE undisputed champion of food duos in the area. With crunch, cream, and cranked up levels of flavor like I’ve never tasted all mixed with utmost care, into one beautifully crafted sauce that can be yours today.

Thirdly and finally, the sides. The sides included in multiple meals, one of which being the box combo meal, includes Texas toast, a buttery, 4 inch thick take on toast that only adds to the experience, coleslaw, which is … coleslaw, just kidding, the sauce to green ratio is delightful, and is sure to get even the strongest of coleslaw haters to give it a go, and finally, the fries, which yes, I would consider as a side, as when they are compared to the rest of the menu, they simply don’t deserve the title. And yet, despite their slight limpness, still goes wonderfully with the other addition to the main meal, being the chicken.

It is for these reasons that I recommend and nominate the Box Combo for a beginner’s buy, Gibbons Gazette certified. So, that’s the review! I sincerely hope that you visit Raising Cane’s, and enjoy the plethora of options they provide. Enjoy the ride!

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