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The Madness of March
April 30, 2024

Using Your Voice is a Political Choice


Using your voice isn’t about talking
It’s about the freedom
That comes with the ability to express yourself

Through art, music, writing
And the shakiness that comes with it
How people might view you
What if they disagree, judge you

But it is important to take the political step
Choose to be heard before it’s too late
Even if your voice shakes

Because at the end
Of the long, bumpy road
We traipse through
You will realize it’s not about anyone
Other than you

It’s about telling your story
The way you want it to be told
The way it should be told

Using your voice
Is a political choice
So make it.


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About the Contributor
Rachel Weiner
Rachel Weiner is an eighth grader on the Blue Team. She appreciates writing creative pieces and exploring the different styles of writing.  Outside of school, Rachel enjoys playing with her dogs, reading, and spending time with her friends. She hopes to further her skill in writing and continues to improve daily. She typically writes pieces about topics that interest her or can relate to her to reach others who relate or have those interests, too. She uses a lot of symbolism in her writing and doesn't usually state things directly when writing a creative piece. She's always loved to write and hopes to improve for high school and possibly a future career in journalism. Her goal in her writing is to reach an audience who can relate to, learn from, or gain a new perspective on the topics of her writings.

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