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Addie DeCoste, ⭐Editor and Contributer⭐




I drew all of these with my drawing app on my iPad called Procreate. It costs $10 and is only available on apple products and works best with the Apple Pencil. This is always my go-to drawing tool that I use all the time. You get a huge variety of brushes and you can make certain textures as well. On most of the drawings, I used procreate brushes that I got from this you-tuber’s web-store called BardotBrush. She does amazing tutorials and sells great quality textured brushes. I love watching how creative she is with all of her drawings! For the Popsicle drawing, I watched a short tutorial by a You-Tuber named RishiDraws who is great at making super short tutorials. Most of these I did over Winter Break and I love drawing when it’s cloudy or rainy outside. Recently, I’ve been drawing more people style I guess. I don’t really like drawing realistic images; I’d rather draw cutesy-cartoon drawings instead. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! Bye, Thanks!!