Does Pineapple Belong on a Pizza or Not?

Does Pineapple Belong on a Pizza or Not?

Kaavya Vinod, Writer

These two questions have been passed around for quite some time now. Does pineapple belong on a pizza? Or does it not? Some people might argue that pineapple helps lift the overall flavor of pizza – using its sweetness to cut through the salt and create a heavenly taste sensation. While others argue that this prickly, distinctive, fruit has a nice taste; pizza isn’t like desert. It can’t be super sweet.  I’ve asked some of my peers which they prefer, pineapple? or no pineapple? This is what they have to say.

“Oh heck yes. It tastes really good and has a lot of flavor.” (Anonymous, 7th grade)

According to Anonymous, they think that pineapple does belong on a pizza, and I agree. A 2017 YouGov poll found that 82% of people surveyed liked pineapple, but only 53% liked the fruit on their pizza, and 29% said they hated the idea.   

“Pineapple on pizza is not acceptable in this world. It should be banned. It makes the pizza taste sweet, ruins the entire purpose of a pizza” says Hasini Kuppasani, an 8th grader here at Gibbons.

Some people just don’t think that pineapple belongs on pizza, like Hasini, which is fine because it’s their opinion. People who don’t like pineapple on pizza will tell you it’s just too juicy. Also, the texture doesn’t match up with pizza. My personal opinion is that pineapple does belong on pizza, but everyone has their own opinions.