Have Zodiacs Become Toxic?


Deeksha Mund

You know all those sites telling you that the day you were born was no mistake and that your birthday falls under a constellation that depicts your entire personality? If so, how many of you guys fell for the money making scams that websites use to lure you in? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. Even while scrolling through TikTok, you’ll be able to see at least one 16 year old girl telling you that your sign is toxic, so on and so forth. But have you ever considered that you’re not the problem, the zodiacs are?


First, just to recap, the zodiacs are 12 constellations that circle around the earth. Each zodiac has a range of days in which it is in position to the earth in a certain way. If a person was born within a range of days that belongs to a specific sign, they would adapt it’s personality. For example, if you were born under the sign Aries, you’d have a fiery and passionate personality but if you were born under Cancer, you’d have an emotional and intuitive personality.


Let’s go back to the Mesopotamian era, where Babylonian astronomy  decided to use 12 constellations to predict earthly disasters like floods. As of the ancient Greek times, people used it to inform an individual about the courses throughout their life. This is used similarly in modern times but hasn’t adapted much other than for being more uptight.


Is this a problem? To identify with the personality just because you were born on a specific day? Some people take zodiacs very seriously and genuinely think that your astrological chart can depict your personality. According to the article “Why do People Still Believe in Astrology?”, people believe in this pseudoscience because humans feel like they need a narration in their life to seek answers to things and want to know about the unknown in themselves. It creates a valid concept for an individual which makes most people feel they have more of a sense of control in their lives. In fact, they believe they have more freedom that way. Many people who don’t believe in astrology think that it’s just their zodiac sign that plays into depicting them but there is so much more. People have a whole astrological chart, all signs predicting all parts of your life which makes people who they are.


Then again, even if there is so much to go off of, there is absolutely no scientific reasoning behind zodiacs in general. According to the article “Astrology Doesn’t Work and Never Worked”, astrology has been rejected by the science community and has no real evidence. People don’t have a logical approach to defending it, they don’t have a proper mechanism and it always contradicts itself.

Now, how does this make it toxic, isn’t it all just harmless fun? Well, many people do tend to be offended by how people depict them based on their zodiac and get upset when people disregard them. There have been many memes on astrology people dropping people just after learning their sign. At the end of the day, they are still memes. Many people don’t let it rub them the wrong way and think it’s very funny.

Now that you know about it thoroughly, what do you think? Have zodiacs become toxic?


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