Sahithi Pudota, Contributer


I wonder when we will achieve peace,

I look up to the clouds and beautiful blue sky,

I wonder why it takes so long,

I’m always wondering why.

Why we can’t see each our of differences and similarities?

Why do we bully each other when we have so much common ground?

Why innocents must die as with the hope a better world will be found?

Why some can’t see past the hatred,

Why others will destroy what is sacred,

And I hope that the older generation will try harder,

And that the new generation does more,

But I realize that I too matter,

So this is me rising up  

Because one person is weak,

But together we’re strong 

We All Matter.

 I raise my voice,

Does anyone want to join in?

Make sure that someone’s suffering isn’t in vain,

In hopes that someday we will pave a clear way,

So world peace will create equals among all races, 

We should fight for what is right,

With our heads held high, 

So the narrow minded can see us through their blurred sight,

 They’ll finally realize the twistedness of their ways, 

And become bright.


I stare at puffy clouds and beautiful blue sky,

I know we will accomplish inner peace,

Because we grow together and help each other,

That is the key to try,

So I lower my eyes from the sky

But keep my head high

I lift up this pen

To start on this path

And I write and write

 With the hope you might try,

To read this poem with an open mind,

We should try to contribute to make our world a great place,

Where everybody can live without having to hide.

We are going to create a better world, 

Though it might take some time,

But it will be oh so worth it

When we watch each and every single one of us,

Prosper and fly.