ASKING FOR A FRIEND – What is the best local place to hang out?


The Material Girl Advisors, Contributors

A Gibbons Middle School student submitted this question – What is the best local place to hang out?

It can be hard to find places that aren’t crowded when downtown with friends. Luckily for you, others have the same problem and have asked us to give some suggestions!  One place you can go to, depending on the season, is Lake Chauncy! If the weather is nice, and the lake is open and safe, you and your friends can have a “beach day” in our very not-beachy town. Or, you can grab some ice cream and hang out with friends at Dairy Queen! Another very popular but fun place to hangout is Baystate Commons! It is the typical place that everyone goes to, but it is easy to see why. Middle school students and high school students congregate here every half day; the wide open field is fun to play games in, and you can usually find many playing a game of football. The trees provide shade on a blistering hot day, and you can climb around on the playground – you are never too old for swings! Since it’s so large, even on the most crowded days it’s not difficult to find an area to sit. If you’re hungry, you can eat at Panera (only if you’re responsible). While out in town, you can also check out Westborough’s very own candy shop, the Sugar Shack! Bring some money, and you can go to get any of your sweet desires. If you walk a little distance more, you’ll find Learning Express. If you’re in the mood to buy small toys and trinkets, go to Learning Express and see what you can find. You can check out their Tik Tok @lewestborough. We, the Asking for a Friend Advice Columnists, hope you find some good ideas for you and your friends to hang out!!! Thanks for reading!