ASKING FOR A FRIEND-How can I memorize something quickly and efficiently?


 I am so glad you asked this question. I hope I can give you some helpful tips.

If you are studying for a test and need to remember facts and longer pieces of information, this is what I recommend: start a document on your Chromebook or get something you can write on. Then, figure out what information you need to know (if you have a study guide, use that!!!) Then, write down any information you have collected. Rewriting this information may help you actively recall what you’ve learned. Then you can go over this information before your test.

Also, repetition helps, so over the course of the week before your test, read over your study guide and other documents multiple times a day.

If you have to remember vocabulary, or shorter information, this is what I recommend: making flashcards can be fun and helpful. Write the vocab word or factual phrase on one side, and write the definition or more information on the other side.

Making the flashcards neat and decorated could be a fun bonus. Review these in groups and you can hopefully learn them! I hope this helps you!  – The Material Girl Advisors