A Little Help Can Make a Big Change

Spring Greening at Gibbons: Clothing Drive


Hasini Kuppasani and Karen Samuel

             Have you heard about the upcoming clothing drive? Maybe you did and let it pass over your head. Well, we’re here to make sure it sticks! Cradles to Crayons is a non-profit organization based in Newtonville, MA. Its main goal is to provide low-income children with the bare necessities and make sure they have what they need this spring! The fundraiser is currently ongoing till April 8th, when we take all the donations and send them off to help those in need. Our ambassador of Project 351, Ava Wallace, is hosting the fundraiser this year and we would love for you to help! 

How can I help? 

       Cradles to Crayons is accepting gently used clothes ranging from children’s sizes to adult large (nothing over XL). In addition, new hygienic products, gently used shoes, new socks and new underclothes are also being collected.  You can bring in bags of these clothes and give them to your social studies teacher! Some ideas of clothing would be: hats, gloves, shirts, pants, dresses, sweaters, sweatshirts and coats. 

Why should I care about this fundraiser? 

First of all, you are changing the lives of the poor children who don’t have the resources they need to live a happy life. Why wouldn’t you want to help? Think about all the clothing you have stuffed up in your closets. Do you really need all of it? If you think you do, check again. And guess what? There is a reward!!  The class that donates the most clothing bags receives ice cream sandwiches!  

How can one piece of clothing or item assist someone in their daily life?  

According to the Cradles to Crayons website, a 12 year old girl named Kathy received  a special item that changed her life.  She said, “My new backpack made me feel special because now I have a backpack that’s just like all the other kids’ backpacks!” Kathy had felt left out in her school before she got this new backpack. Clearly, the backpack impacted her in a positive way. You have the power to impact low-income families in a positive way and give them optimism during their hard times.

Kathy, age 12


                                                 We hope you take the time to consider our message and help a kid this spring!