“The Good Place” Review


Alexis Leduc, staff

It is a well known fact that humans will wonder what happens when one dies. Religions try to give an answer to what happens in the “afterlife” though no one knows 100% what’s going to happen. This show is a comedy series about a situation in which there was a “mistake” in the afterlife system. A woman named Eleanor, who should be in the bad place (the parallel to hell) is mistakenly placed in the good place (the parallel of heaven), and she is just trying to stay undercover. She has an effect on things around the place like having it rain something that Eleanor was talking about the night before. Though, she is not alone, as three others have also been mistakenly put into the good place.  The people who were mistakenly put in the good place include the love interest of Eleanor: Chidi, who is always rambling and really into ethics, making him over analyze every little answer to every little question. Then there is the airhead-comic relief-Jason. He is from Jacksonville, and is the definition of, “Florida Man”. Tahani is next. She is an arrogant rich girl who is always one-upped by her sister. Then there is the manager of the good place, Michael. Michael’s humor is ironic and hilarious. The most random things can be said by him, and he, by far, has said the most out-of-context things compared to others. He also has an assistant, Janette. Janette is just a human robot who cannot feel emotion, unless programmed to.

I think this show is absolutely fabulous. It delves into so many topics that are usually very depressing and saddening, in a more lighthearted way. It has ironic humor and romance. It is very investing too. There is always a cliffhanger, and the humor is very unique. The mention of real things happening and real people in our world also make it pop to life. How they address popular and not-so-popular opinions is truly great. All in all, it is a great show, and I would definitely recommend this to anybody who would listen to me.