How Can YOU Survive HIGH SCHOOL???

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Hasini Kuppasani, Writers/Creative Designer


Ever heard stories of the workload you get throughout high school? Or the great deal of stress? High school is one of the most tense obstacles of an individual’s life. You might think, “How will I ever make it through the first year?” or “Is this even possible?” but trust me, with a little bit of help from this article, your high school experience could change to a great extent. There are many significant ways to help make your high school adventure the best it can be. Read on to find out more!


What to do before starting High School: 

  • Go to the Westborough high school orientation at the end of August (end of summer)! Details can be found on the Westborough school’s website!
  • Pick fun electives- choose electives that you will enjoy and not suffer through. If you don’t know what electives you want to do, ask your friend or sibling for a recommendation or try something new! There is no harm in trying something new! It can help you figure out what you really enjoy and allows you to de-stress throughout the day as high school can be extremely stressful 
  • Get organized-organizing doesn’t mean just getting your school supplies, but also knowing where you will do your homework and study. Set up your study table and organize your tools (pencils, books, paper, etc.) 
  •  Set the atmosphere- Organize where you want to do your work! It’s important to be in an environment that puts you in a positive mood! 
  • Be proactive with your friendships- try to get involved in conversations and friendship groups rather than just waiting to be included! This will make you upset!

Managing your workload

  • Don’t pile up on all of the highest level classes the high school offers.
  • Find a balance between school life and your personal life by giving yourself “me time.”
  • DON’T PROCRASTINATE- if you save everything for the last minute, then you will get extremely overwhelmed and you won’t be able to put in your best work.
  • Make a schedule- based on your situation after school everyday, set an approximate time for when you want to do your HW. Therefore, you will be able to also focus on other things that you want to do (extra curricular activities- clubs, sports, art, etc…).
  • Write everything down- write down your homework, what you have to study, and your classes/extracurricular activities. That way you know what you have to do and don’t forget! Forgetting can be crucial towards your grades and stress! 
  • Focus in class- try to get your work done in class and don’t get distracted by your peers or friends. Focus on the work you need to complete by keeping a goal in mind of what you have to get done.  If possible and ask any questions or clarifications you may have to the teacher before the end of the school day!