Writers’ Hall of Fame Winners


Mrs. Nottingham

The staff of Gibbons Gazette is so excited to announce the students who were entered into the Writers’ Hall of Fame during trimesters 2 and 3!

One or more talented students from each team were chosen for their exceptional writing. Each student should be very proud of his or her hard work and their unique writing abilities! Please congratulate these students when you see them in the hall!


Orange Team Writers: Shriyaa Madanlal and Siri Chillara

Yellow Team Writers: Arushi Vora, Nandit Krishna, and Anoushka Ksheersagar

Red Team Writers: Elizabeth Perry, Matt Montiverdi, and Myra Bijoriya

Maroon Team Writers: Chloe Flynn, Valentina Carvalho, and Paul Regnier

Blue Team Writers: Nimish Kunte, Sharon Li, and Karen Samuel

Purple Team Writers:Jillian Degnan, Sumedh Konakanchi, and Michelle Lo

Green Team Writers: Joe Bernat, Aidan Chen, and Gabriel Pellish