Hope: A Poem

Hope: A Poem


    I’m running and running as fast as I can,

    In reality I am sitting,

     But on the inside I’m spinning like a lost soul wandering 

                    I’m running a race with HOPE, and trust me, she is a fast runner.

               I’m running and running as fast as I possibly can,

     But HOPE is a great runner,

    And right behind me, FEAR is near.  

Usually he is pretty slow but today he is running as fast as ever.

      I run and run as fast as I can,

    But FEAR is gaining in closer. 

    Finally, I realize that I am running away, 

     That running away will cause more problems,

      So I stop running and sprinting and take a leap of faith,

Towards FEAR.

I pounce on him and tackle him,

Kick him and punch him,

 Taking all his power away, 

And Hope,

Well she took a leap towards my way.