Andrew Tate against the World

Who is Andrew Tate, how did he become famous, and what color is your bugatti?


Harveer Singh and Alexis Leduc

 Andrew Tate… he is known most on the internet as being a very controversial, rich British guy who is a sparkling water enthusiast. He is also known for asking what color bugattis people own. Despite being kicked off of almost every platform on the internet, he is still one of the most known people on it. Whether through the interviews or podcasts that he has made his way inside of, Andrew Tate is still active. Eventually, he started an online pyramid scheme called Hustlers University.  

   Before we get to how and why he grew in popularity, we need to talk about his life before he acquired all of his money and all of his cars. His father, Emory Tate, was a chess grandmaster, a professional if you will. Andrew Tate was on his way to join his father in the Chess world. He even won the Indiana State Championship at 5 years old, defeating a 16 year old who Andrew claims started crying after he had lost. Then, his parents split up. His mother, Eileen Tate was from England so that’s where Andrew, Tristan (his brother), and Janine (his sister) moved. Andrew’s father decided to stay in America, which meant Andrew had lost his chess teacher. Andrew then started to look for something to replace chess. He started to kickbox. As he said, “If you play a team sport, your team can have a good day or a bad day which will affect how the outcome performs and how you perform. I want something with no luck, just like chess, just me, 1 on 1.” He believes that other things such as team sports and poker depend on luck and how the team is feeling while chess and kickboxing are not based on luck. Instead, they are based on skill.  Once he started training, he was offered a contract with the biggest kickboxing company in all of Holland. That is when his mild fame began. After finishing his kickboxing career, he started a business, which cannot be disclosed here. When his business started to take off, his Father sadly passed away. Andrew said that if he left and went to America, he would risk the financial stability of his whole family, so he didn’t go to his father’s funeral. He even said that his father would’ve never forgiven him for destroying the family’s financial stability. After his business became stable, he went to America to go to his father’s grave and to say goodbye. 

His fame only increased in the U.K.’s Big Brother(2016) that depicted him attacking a woman. That move sparked a lot of controversy around him. That action also got him kicked off of the show(rightfully so). Later, this matter was cleared up and the woman that he was supposedly hitting said that Andrew never hit her and that it was just a joke. Eventually, he began podcasts and marketed his views to young impressionable teenage boys. With the attempts to ban the Top G, he got even more famous amongst members on the internet.

   Hustlers University is a Discord Server where you have to pay $50 a month. Andrew Tate has uploaded multiple videos explaining how to make money, specifically 18 modern methods of making money. He also has trusted professors who have used these methods to attain their wealth. Many people throughout social media have suggested it is true. They have truly learned how to make money and have made plenty of money, while others suggest that it is just a scam to make Andrew even wealthier. You truly don’t know unless you join it. Now that Hustlers University has been taken down, many people are blaming social media companies for wasting their money and taking down Hustlers University for no reason.

   Thousands of women believe that Andrew Tate does not like women. On the contrary, there are thousands of women that disagree with that statement. Andrew Tate has never once mentioned on the dozens of podcasts he has done with people that he hates women or even dislikes women. He has only stated that women are better at doing some things while men are better at doing some things. An example is, he said that men are better at handling stress while women are better at taking care of children.

   After all of that, a single question remains. Is he, in fact, the Top G?