Unleash Your School Spirit!


Hannah Newmark, Reporter and Writer

Unleash your inner school spirit! Participate in a full week of dress up days from Monday 10/31 to Friday 11/4.

On Monday, which is also Halloween, you are given the opportunity to dress up in your costume if you donate $1 to Unicef. We all have fun wearing something abnormal to school, and it is only a small amount of money that you are giving back to others, which in return gives you the ability to take part in a schoolwide dress up day! Bring in your dollar and give it to your homeroom teacher in exchange for a ribbon that will signal you donated, and therefore are allowed to wear your costume. Don’t wear costumes that will block the hallway, distract students, contain weapons, or have costume masks that block your face.

On Tuesday, the theme is “Pajama day”. Hop out of bed and come straight to school! Dress up in comfy clothes, pajamas, and slippers for a more cozy school day.

Next up, Wednesday is “Black out for Bullying” Day. Take part in this day by wearing black from head to toe. Face paint isn’t allowed, but other than that, go all out!

Thursday is seventh grade against eighth grade, “Flip Flop vs Flannel!” All seventh graders will dress for fall, in flannel clothing, while the eighth graders will dress for summer in Hawaiian shirts and other summery outfits.

Last but not least, on Friday show your team spirit by dressing up in your team’s color! During homeroom your teachers will count the number of students who joined in and wore maroon, yellow, blue, or whatever your team color is! The team with the highest amount of participation wins!

Throughout the course of each day, you can email photos of you and your friends in your outfits to me at [email protected]. Please make sure that all of your costumes are school appropriate, and don’t violate the guidelines of our student handbook. You are still expected to fully partake in your regular school day and classes. Also, you must come to school already dressed in whatever you intend to wear that day. You cannot get ready and change in the bathrooms once you have already arrived at school. If you think there is a possibility that your clothing could be deemed inappropriate by the staff and administration, it is advised that you bring an extra change of clothes just in case.

Keep those few rules in mind, and get started on planning what to wear! Show your school spirit next week!