The Origin and Downfall of Dream


Dream’s Face Reveal

Allyn Filippelli, Editor

After Dream’s recent face reveal, fans have gone absolutely insane. 

Yes, I’m not sure why he chose that angle for his face reveal, but you can’t un-face reveal. Genuinely, what were people expecting him to look like? A picture perfect anime boy? He’s a Minecraft YouTuber, not Markiplier. 

Who is Dream anyways, and why is the internet (Twitter) always bickering about him? If you didn’t already know, Dream is a Minecraft YouTuber and streamer with over 17 million subscribers. The image above is his face, which has created many memes. He is the Crimson Chin. 


The Controversy 

Why has the internet gone berserk over Dream? Well, Dream has already done a lot of things to deserve hate: his fandom is just atrocious and overall toxic, made an offensive joke about Veterans Day, past political views, selling his own baby pictures, queerbaiting, cheating in his speedruns, and has recently been accused of “talking to minors.” (you know what I mean) Of course, anyone who is popular will try to be canceled. Most accusations of Dream’s actions come from Twitter, which is known to be one of the most toxic social media sites known to man.   


The Stans

His fans are even worse. The effect that stan culture has on the internet is just sad. Many Dream stans have done some bad stuff. After Dream’s face reveal, he was jumped and left with a black eye. The suspects were never revealed, but it was most likely an extreme stan or an extreme hater. Stans have also gone as far as to send death threats to people who dislike Dream. Stans will go out and attack anyone who does not like Dream. The stans have finally started to settle down, but this was a big issue back in 2020-2021.  


Where it all Began 

During quarantine, Dream gained his popularity through many, many teenagers,who  all had nothing better to do other than play video games and watch TV. Many used Dream’s content as a coping mechanism to escape the current world that we were all living in. In Minecraft, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. During this time, Dream was best known for his Minecraft SMP, which was called the Dream SMP. Many different creators such as Sapnap, GeorgeNotFound, BadBoyHalo, Quackity, Jshlatt, TommyInnit, Tubbo, and Ranboo. All of these content creators also have problems of their own. Lots of unneeded drama started in this SMP, eventually coming to its close. 


The Effects of Dream 

Dream had an everlasting effect on the Minecraft community, whether you like him or not. Because of Dream, Minecraft gained popularity again. At the time when Dream was starting out, Minecraft as a game wasn’t doing so well. Dream got millions of people together in one fanbase that all shared one common interest. As previously stated, this fandom was pretty toxic, but it still had its good sides. Many people simply watched Dream because they enjoyed Minecraft or the role-playing aspect of his videos. 



If you think of a content creator, the one you’re thinking of has most likely been in some drama regarding a controversial topic. I can’t think of a single content creator that hasn’t been accused of racism, sexism, body-shaming, etc. As humans, we all make mistakes, and that’s completely ok. But, the thing with Dream is that he always apologizes, but then continues to do the same things he just apologized for. Most creators will genuinely apologize and move on, but I never see Dream or any member of the SMP, other than Ranboo, actually be forgiven and move on. 


In conclusion, just don’t use Twitter and TikTok (common sense isn’t so common so stay safe).