NY Fashion Week


Sarah Macharete, Contributor

What is New York Fashion Week? The New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is a semiannual series of events that takes place in Manhattan. It usually lasts 7-9 days, and during those days international fashion collections are shown to future buyers and the overall public. The Fashion Week is held from September to October every year.

When was the very first Fashion Week in New York? The first NYFW took place many years ago, in 1943 when the founder of the NYFW, Eleanor Lambert, invented “Press week”. The idea was very simple. They needed a central place to host it, and the Plaza Hotel was the perfect location to do so! There they would show the most elegant, creative, weird, and latest collections from the best American designers in one place.

Who was Eleanor Lambert? Eleanor Lambert was a pioneer in the advocacy of both American fashion and American fashion designers. After many years of tireless work she finally got recognized and ended up impacting New York City a lot! Because of her talents she turned NYC into the international fashion capital, and we can still see the impact that she had in the fashion world and in American culture today.

Why is Fashion Week important? Fashion week is important because all of these events and outfits influence the upcoming fashion trends for the current and approaching seasons. In the end the New York Fashion Week is something very memorable and important to our culture!