Gibbons Football Players Reflect on Their First Season!

Interviewees: Aidan Cashman and Elliot Bograd

Aika Borba, Author, Interviewer

     This year at Gibbons, for the first time ever, we have a football team! I talked to some of the players to see how their first season went. With their finale game Thursday, Nov. 3, and an overall score of 1-5. 

      I’m sure many agree that the football team “was a great addition to the school’s sports program,” as Will Johnston states, and that “a fresh new team” was a well needed addition to the Westborough sports community.  As some of the first Gibbons Football players in history the players say they’re proud to be apart of the team. As Aidan Cashman stated “it’s about time they finally came together.” Their season wasn’t what they’d wished for it to be but they let it slide because it was only their first year playing together, and “with chemistry they will improve in future years… and they’re still, and will continue to learn together” so states Aidan Cashman. The players also agreed that with this season alone “many of the players already improved from their last 3 games compared to their first 2.” agree Elliot and Will.

    Though a lot of the players have some experience with football, many of the players have never played football. The players opinionated that this minority of players joined with low expectations and ended up being overwhelmed with the standards of the football coaches. But they persevered and kept their passion for football in mind, while having a good time with their friends. 

          The football team’s first and only win against Ashland was a momentous event for the team! Elliot Bograd even considers it “The best moment in Gibbons history.” The players also say they’re glad it happened at a Home game for more locals to see. Even though they lost, the players chose to highlight their game against shrewsbery, where Elliot Bograd states “we did end up losing but we were in that game and alot of people doubted us going to that game. We were the underdogs.” Sometimes it’s not about the final score but about their performance and teamwork. 

     Will says that Ryan Ferrecchia and Josh Beaulieu “kept the team from getting absolutely shut out each game.” These valuable players getting at least a touchdown a game. 

     Advice, to anyone interested in joining the team next year, from current players:

  • “Don’t skip practice even if you’re injured cause you still learn stuff when you get back in, you’re gonna need to know what you’re doing.” 
  • Drown your jitters out in music before games, and keep in mind your drive to win. 

     The players were very proud of their season for various reasons. They also plan on improving on the High School team, and some on the Gibbons team next year. Overall, their season was successful in their minds.

Thanks to Will, Elliot and Aidan for doing the interview, Mr. McNeil for helping us with the equitment for the video, and to Will and Ben W. for pictures.