Talking Badminton strats and facts with Mr. Canoy

In case you haven’t noticed, the Gibbons Badminton Intramural club had a tournament a few weeks ago- Teachers vs Students. While teachers such as Mr. Paulhus were excited and pumped to be playing, one teacher’s confidence and energy could not be matched.  The legendary and well-loved Mr. Canoy of purple team had quite a few interesting strategies to share, and some… riveting opinions about the “competition”

The daily routine to help Mr. Canoy practice for one of the most important event of his life is quite excessive- and most importantly, impressive.

“I squat 500 pounds every other day, deadlift 600 pounds, and I hit the gym early 4:30 every single morning; to make sure I dominate and destroy every single Badminton little birdie- there’s gonna be none left.”

“No student at this school can beat me in badminton- Guaranteed.” 

Glad someone is confident, but is this really a fact or fiction? Although I couldn’t make it to the final matches of teachers vs students, I did manage to ask Mr. Canoy in the hallway what really went down- and he did not seem happy about it. What do you guys think really went down that day? Leave your answers below!

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Do you think Mr. Canoy wiped the competition away in the Teacher vs Student Badminton games?


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