Breaking the Lock – Part 1

Ava Hoffman, Contributor

“Owwww!” I groaned. 

“What happened?” Aria yells from the kitchen. “Oliver?” 

Getting no response, Aria walked into the living room. “Oh my goodness! What happened?” She exclaimed.

I’m lying on the floor, buried under a pile of books. “I was just trying to put this book away on the top shelf, but I tripped and my shirt got caught, making all the books fall on me!” I sigh, my eyes watering with tears.

“You should have asked Trenton to help you.” Why didn’t I think of that? Trenton has super strength. He would have been able to put the book back easily. “What book was it?” Aria says, interrupting my thoughts. 

“It was the one about the computer lab. At least, I think it was. I can’t really remember now. Wow, I hit my head hard.” I mutter the last part quietly under my breath.

“Yeah it seems so,” Aria responds. She has super hearing, even the quietest whisper could be heard by her. 

“Did someone say computer?” Sailor asks as she pokes her head into the room. She is a super technology nerd, and will come running the second someone mentions it. 

“Chill Sailor,” Trenton laughs, right behind her.

“Oh my gosh! Oliver, What happened?” Exclaims Trenton, finally noticing me. 

“I tripped and all of the books fell on me! Can you help put them all away?”

“Sure” Replies Trenton.

“See! I told you he would help!” Aria brags.

Suddenly all of the books started lifting up off of me and into the air. They spun around and fell back into their places on the bookshelf just as Levi appeared in the doorway. “I can help too!” He grinned. Levi’s the youngest of the group, and he has the gift of telekinesis. 

“Yeah, me too!” says Luke, appearing out of nowhere. Luke, Levi’s twin, has the teleportation gift.

“Okay you two, come here and you can help,” Sailor waves them over.

All of a sudden we hear a loud alarm blaring from the watch on Sailor’s wrist.

“Beep Beep Beep Alert! Alert! Unsafe space!” 

“What’s going on?!” Yell the twins.

“Uhh… I don’t know, just stay quiet.” Aria glances around at the entrance to the room nervously. 

Suddenly, The door slams closed with a BANG, and everyone in the room jumps. The lights flicker. The room goes silent. The windows lock. Everyone screams.




“What happened!” Luke yells. 

“This is so fun!” Levi squeals with excitement.

“Um guys, the door and windows are locked. We’re stuck in here,” Aria whispers, still nervous. 

“I can open it,” Trenton chimes in. He walks over to the door and pulls the handle. Nothing. He starts violently kicking the door over and over again. Still nothing. Not even a single budge. 

“I-I’m weak? My strength is gone.” Trenton says, shaking his head in disbelief.

“No you’re not!” Aria reassures him. “I just think that the door is really, really jammed!”

“This isn’t fun anymore!” Groans Levi nervously.

“Hey! I can try to use my tablet and figure out the reason that the door is closed!” Sailor jumps in, finally joining the conversation. 

“Okay good,” I say. “But can someone please turn on the lights? 

“Sure,” Laughs Aria. “Sailor, come over here, let’s work on this together.”

“Oliver, do you have your skateboard with you?” Trenton turns to me.

“Of course!” I replied. I was named after my first amazing trick, my flying Ollie. Now my board never leaves my side. 

“Can I use it quickly?” 

Trenton takes the board and jams it into the door. Nothing happens.

“Um, guys?” Sailor calls out.


“I can’t get any information about this room or the door. It’s like someone turned off the internet or something.”

“I think… I think that there is someone after us. The internet doesn’t just turn off like that unless there is a storm. Or-”

“Or someone has messed with it” Aria interrupts, finishing her thought.

The twins look at each other nervously. “So what do we do?” They say in unison.

“We have to work together.”

“Okay but how?” I ask. “What can we even do? We’re locked in here.”

“I don’t know.” replies Aria.Crack! 

“What was that?” Sailor’s head snaps up from her tablet.

“What the, it was a piece of the wall! Wait, do you guys see that?”

I walk over to look, and a piece of the white plaster wall is on the floor. Behind it, there was a brown sticky note with numbers all over it.

“Let me see,” says Sailor, coming to the front. “That is code for sure! Here, look at this. We have to figure out what book it applies to, and then we can apply the combination!” She exclaims.

“What do you mean by ‘apply the combination’?” Asks Aria

“Look. The numbers are ‘8-14-3’, that means the 8th line, the 14th word, and the third letter in that word.

“Cool.” Aria replies, “But what book? And what page?”

“Probably this.” I say, pulling a piece of old newspaper out of the wall, smiling.

After a few minutes, we have our first letter, B. 

After about half an hour, we have the full code. The letters are DEBAJO LIBROS.

“Debajo libros? That’s not even a word. We must have used the wrong book.”  says Aria.

“No wait, It’s Spanish!” I exclaim! “Debajo is under, and libros are books! Under the books!”

“Wonderful, Oliver. Good work.” Sailor claps her hands together.  

Trenton walks over to us. “I can move the bookshelf! Oh never mind. I forgot, I can’t anymore.” His smile drops at the end.

“We have to work together.” Aria says. “We can all help.” Soon, everyone is walking across the room with a giant bookshelf in our hands. 

“Careful, guys.” Says Sailor, who has decided to watch the operation. “I see it! It looks like another clue!” 

“What? What does it say?” I say excitedly.

“Guys…” Sailor calls over to us worriedly. “You might want to see this.”