🎄Christmas Gift Ideas for 2022


Best Gift Ideas with Links- 2022 ⭐

For you, your family members and anyone you know! Use this list for ideas for what you want, or for what to buy for your family! Items will be categorized into price points ($10 and below, $20 and below, etc) Have a jolly good time! 🧑‍🎄 (DISCLAIMER!! Make sure that the item you purchase ( if you purchase/purchased off of amazon) says that it will ARRIVE BEFORE CHRISTMAS before making your order!!)

Gifts (with diff price ranges):

Gifts from $15-$25

Aloe Vera Fuzzy Socks This comes with 2 pairs of aloe infused socks in grey and black (their store on amazon has other color options but i stuck with the basic ones)- $15

Fuzzy thick fleece-lined Mittens These mittens have fleece lining and come in soo many colors! Plus, I think the price is fair based on the quality!- $16

Matching Fleece Lined Hat This hat matches the red fleece lined mittens! (also comes in different colors on their amazon store)- $19

Slippers– Slippers are good gifts for parents, especially if you own pets that you have to walk early in the morning! These can range around $11-20 depending on the quality, design, and store!

Apps or subscriptions- Subscriptions are amazing gifts for music lovers, artists, or anyone passionate about something! For example, if you have an iPad you can buy the app Procreate for $10 and it is such an amazing digital drawing app! More popular subscriptions for music lovers include Spotify Premium, Amazon unlimited (if you have an Alexa, you can buy this subscription so you can play any specific song you want!) Again for art or stationary lovers, you can buy monthly subscription boxes like Scrawlerbox, Zenpop or Artsnacks! I recommend looking at YouTube videos before deciding if you want any just so you can see what they include! These art subscriptions range from $15-$20+ per month, Music Subscriptions like Spotify premium and Alexa unlimited range from $8-$10 a month. 


Gifts from $10-$15

Jewelry Travel Box  Traveling is always hard, getting everything packed and organized, and especially when you have to pack everything back up and suddenly it doesn’t fit anymore! This jewelry box is only $7.99 and can fit earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more!

Gift cards for downtown- anyone including friends, siblings, etc. would probably be more than happy for a gift card that they can use to save money downtown! Gift cards can range in price depending on the place, but either way it’s always a great gift to buy someone!

Amazon Alexa Echo!!– Amazon Alexa’s are amazing to use as an alarm clock, a radio, a speaker, or even just to say the weather. When I’m cleaning I can just ask alexa to play my spotify playlist, or when I’m going to bed I can ask to play rain or thunderstorm sounds! This gift is really helpful and useful, plus the price is ah-mazing! $14

Popsockets or new phone cases- popsockets are just so helpful for selfies, or if you’re  just really clumsy; (like me) Plus they have so many designs to choose from and are generally easy to apply! Phone cases are definitely a must-have for phone users, and again, there are so many different designs that can give your phone a whole new vibe/look!

Himi small watercolor kit- This kit comes with 24 very pigmented colors, and includes a drawing pencil and a paintbrush! For only $8 this is a great gift for people wanting to try out watercolor!

Sketchbooks/daily journals- Sketchbooks are always needed if you like to draw, and it’s always good to have extra! Daily wellness journals are also a good way for people who love organizing their thoughts and how their day went! These can range from $5-15 again, depending on the quality’s or brands!

Clothes!- Okay, yes, this idea is definitely kind of basic and obvious; but if decide to go to a clothing store look around for something that screams the person you are buying for! $ varies


Stocking Stuffer ideas! 🎄📌

  •  Face masks 🐭  🐸
  • Lotion or moisturizer 🧴
  • Chapstick ✨ 🛍
  • Candy or snacks 🍬🍭
  • Gift cards 💳💵
  • Socks 🧦
  • Earrings/jewelry 💎
  • Fancy pens or pencils 🖋✏
  • Notepads 🗒📔
  • Cute School supplies
  • Hand warmers ✋🔥
  • Bath bombs 🧼🫧
  • Card games 🃏
  • Craft supplies 🎨
  • scrunchies ✨
  • Mini planners 📒
  • Nail polish 💅
  • Bookmarks 📚
  • soap or small bath and body works products 🫧🧼
  • Earbuds 🎧
  • Gum ✨
  • Madlibs 📓
  • Speakers 🎶
  • phone cases/any cases 📱💫

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