Writers’ Hall of Fame Inductees!


Mrs. Nottingham

The first round of writers for the Writers’ Hall of Fame have been chosen! These talented writers are being recognized for their writing not only in English class, but in other classes as well. This is quite an honor. At the end of the year, their writing will be published in a book and displayed in our school library as well as the Westborough Public Library! If you see these students around school, be sure to congratulate them and if you are a writer yourself, perhaps you will be chosen next! Students are chosen each trimester, so keep those creative ideas flowing, spend time revising, editing, and growing as a writer!

Congratulations to:

Red Team: Grace Mulcahy
Yellow Team: Sneha Khushalani
Orange Team: Elizabeth Gibson
Maroon Team: Evelyn Wood-Dunfey
Blue Team: Lorelei Heinrich
Purple Team: Kushagra Sinha
Green Team: Keyri Oliva