111 Candy Canes


Aika Borba, Interviewer and News Writer

     A couple weeks ago, Josh Kranis on the 8th Grade Blue team donated $111 to the Candy Cane fundraiser happening during lunch to supply 111 Candy Canes to all Blue team faculty and students. No, Josh doesn’t have a memorable reputation for anything like this, but this idea first sparked as a joke from his friends. Josh approached Mr. Paulhus and jokingly asked what he could do with $100 worth of candy canes. After being given details about the fundraiser, Josh became genuinely passionate about the charity and wanted to contribute somehow. One thing led to another and Josh ended up buying $111 worth of candy canes for the blue team.          

     Moved by this remarkable act, Mr. Paulhus immediately called Josh’s parents to inform them on how remarkable their son is; they responded with genuine shock. Josh purchased the candy canes with his own money and his parents had no idea what Josh was planning to do the whole time. After receiving the Candy Canes students and teachers showed Josh much gratitude.  Mr. Paulhus even went as far as saying that he has “never seen anything like this in all his years teaching at Gibbons.” 

    Josh is now an inspiration to us, but who inspired him? He said that his motivation lies with his 2 year old brother. He hopes to positively influence him and inspire him throughout his childhood. As he grows up he hopes to continue honoring his brother by becoming an author and writing stories dedicated to him. 

     The money from the fundraiser was to donate to local families in Westborough. Josh was one of the first to write a handwritten card to tell one of the families about his donation.