Hollow Knight: Silksong 2023


                                                                                                       Hollow Knight: Silksong

2023 is finally here and with this new year comes a whole new release of games. The wait is over because Hollow Knight: Silksong comes out this year. This game was announced in February of 2016 and now an official release date has come! If you don’t know what Hollow Knight: Silksong is, let me explain. 


Hollow Knight: Silksong is the sequel to the hit 2017 game, Hollow Knight. Hollow Knight: Silksong falls under the genre of indie, metroidvania, fighting, and adventure. For those who don’t know, a metroidvania game is a platforming type game with an interconnected map and these types of games usually contain secret rooms as well. 


Hollow Knight follows an unnamed character. however, it is called many things by the NPCS of the game such as “ghost” or “vessel”. This character traverses the kingdom of “Hallownest” and while traversing this world, begins to comprehend the sad truth of the story behind this game. Before Hallownest was founded, the bugs of Hallowenst worshiped a god like bug. She was called the radiance. One day, a giant worm appeared, this worm was the last of its kind. They said it had the ability to foresee the future. When this worm reached what would later be known as Hallownest, it died and out of it came a bug. This bug was called “The Pale King”. The Pale King founded Hallownest and all the bugs followed his lead and he had become the king of Hallownest. As the Pale King founded Hallownest, those who worshiped the Radiance went to the Pale King and she was left to be forgotten. However, those who still remembered the Radiance saw her in their dreams. Having the power to appear in the bug’s dreams, she controlled them through this. Using the power of dreams she spread a disease, an infection. This infection began to spread throughout the entirety of Hallownest, but the Pale King wasn’t going to allow this to happen. He tried to find a way to stop this infection and he finally found it. Using the power of the abyss, he could create a vessel to trap the radiance in, but this would require bugs. The Pale King needed other bugs to be turned into vessels, so he sacrificed his own children to create vessels. In order to seal the Radiance away, he needed a vessel that couldn’t think nor feel emotion. After multiple failures on creating a vessel, he finally managed to make one. He trained this vessel to its utmost potential and when it was ready, he sealed the Radiance within it. However, this vessel was an imperfect vessel. This vessel could think. This vessel could feel emotion. The infection would still spread so the Pale King placed seals to slow the spread of the infection. This is where our character comes in. Our character is one of these vessels. 

In Hollow Knight there are multiple different bosses and one of these bosses is Hornet. Hornet is a bug with a wide, white, crescent shaped head. She wears a red cloak and carries a giant needle-like weapon. As you progress through the game, you find out Hornet is your half-sister and this is why Hornet is the main protagonist of Silksong!

The Silksong trailer opens with Hornet being carried in a carriage somewhere by other bugs against her will. She uses her powers to break out and lands in the kingdom of Farloom. In Silksong, a whole new world is open for you to explore. You can talk to NPCS who’ll give you quests and objectives you can complete. There’s also a bunch of new bosses and enemies to fight. As you traverse through the world of Farloom, you uncover the hidden mysteries and secrets shrouded in this kingdom. 

Silksong is a great new upcoming game to try out in 2023. If you like platformers, puzzle, action, and story games, Silksong is perfect for you!