The Real Reason why Harry and Meghan Left Their Royal Duties Behind


Sarah Macharete, Author

     The truth. That is what we want. But will they give us the truth? Which sources are creditable? Will we ever know? The only way to find out is by taking things into our own hands. One thing is certain: the truth will come out. The Royal family always has and always will be involved in some kind of drama, given the spotlight they’re always  under. The latest bit of drama, taking every front cover: Meghan and Harry leaving the royal family. Why did Meghan and Harry leave the Royal Family? Who is telling the truth? Who is lying? Don’t worry about that because we finally have an answer to those questions, so get ready because you are about to discover a whole new side to the story of…… Why Meghan and Harry left the Royal Family!

     Meghan and Harry left their royal duties in early 2020, and moved to LA. Though they still hold their titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This whole baffling situation started way back when Meghan and Harry married. We all think that dating or marrying someone from a Royal Family would be really invigorating. It turns out dating royalty can be a nightmare too! We know that this is not the first time that a new member of the Royal Family has been mentally or spiritually attacked, the same thing happened to a familiar character…. Princess Diana.

      To understand the Megan and Harry situation we need to understand what happened to Princess Diana. Princess Diana was Prince Charles’ first wife. Unfortunately, she died in a car accident in the summer of 1997, at the age of only 36. What makes her death so significant is that people believe that the accident was no accident at all. It’s to be believed that the Royal Family was responsible for the accident. People know that Charles confessed and told Diana that he did not love her the night before their wedding, the person that he really loved being Camilla R. Shand. Right after Charles’ and Diana’s breakup Diana started to fancy one of her drivers. 7 months later he unexpectedly died in a motorcycle accident. Because of these events, many believed that the death of princess Diana was actually a homicide.

     Going back to Harry and Meghan’s story, Harry stated that “I accept that there will be people around the world who will fundamentally disagree with what I’ve done and how I’ve done it, but I knew that I had to do everything I could to protect my family especially after what happened to my mum. You know, I didn’t want history to repeat itself.” There it is! One of the many reasons why Meghan and Harry left the Royal Family, but we know that, that is not the only reason. The main motive to why Harry and Meghan left can be concluded to, Social Media and Lack of Anonymity.

   This whole situation leaves the impression that the Royal Family doesn’t protect all, and like it was said earlier Harry is worried about Meghan and how she might end up like his mom, dead. Harry should be worried because Meghan and Diana are very good examples of what happens when you’re an outcast in the Royal Family, and how being “Royalty” isn’t as remarkable as it seems.