Who Your Cradles to Crayons Donations Are Going to!

What’s the cause really about?


Contrary to others’ opinions, the Blue Team dominated the drive! The Blue Team took first place with a grand total of 70 bags, out of a total collection of 197. Purple Team was not far behind, with 44 bags. Green Team took 3rd place with 38 bags. Red Team took 4th place with 17 bags. Orange Team took 5th with 14 bags, and Maroon and Yellow Team tied for last place with 7 bags each.

The bags and bundles of clothes and other items of demand were sent to countless kids in need, exceeding a staggering number of 245,000 children. When the supplies and needed articles of clothing, books and other objects are received, they are bundled into a “KidPack.” These packs are matched with kids and their specific needs, then shipped directly to them. Cradles to Crayons focuses mainly on the 20 million kids living in poverty. Cradles to Crayons works with continuous effort to bolster the quality of childhood and aid kids maturing from adolescence. Gibbons’ help with supplying needs to others who lack these objects and articles will, through this organization, give a large number of children the necessities they need to live a happy, healthy life. Furthermore, Charity Navigator, a site and organization who aids donors and gives to others with the millions of dollars they have nearly raised, has given Cradles to Crayons a four-star rating for over eight years. Their studies and approval of all that a charity does helps open others up to donating and offering their belongings to its cause. They have informed others that, “Financial support from individuals, families, and companies sustains our work year round. Just $33 serves one child head to toe.” Isn’t that wonderful? Coming not only from Gibbons, but from Cradles to Crayons, and the kids receiving your contributions thank you for contributing to this amazing cause!

After speaking with Mr. Paulhus about the Cradles to Crayons project and about the success of Blue Team, the project itself was brought to more light. When asked if he had anything to say to any other teams, or just the whole school in general, he wanted to thank everyone on behalf of the Blue Team for contributing to the project. He hopes and expects a very competitive and fun spirit with any team-wide competition. He also says that even if Blue Team wins every competition, that it wouldn’t be about that, but about the spirit of helping those in need by donating clothes to this project. He also spoke about how every member of the Blue Team played a part in their victory. He himself also played a role in their win, as he brought in some clothes from his house along with his wife, and he went to other outside places that were offering up free unneeded clothes and brought them to Gibbons. To any Blue Team members who were wondering how he got to the head office so fast from his room, he didn’t. His room has an announcement machine as well, which is where he got his masterful quote. Speaking of quotes, Paulhus asked us to print a new quote of his. “If we were 3 – 0… then blue team would be 0 – 3” – Brian Paulhus.

To aid the cause further, more students were given the opportunity to volunteer to sort the collected items. Donor Chloe Flynn states she was passionate about the cause because “There are always people in need that we can’t even see, like in neighboring towns like Worcester, which we can’t see since we are so privileged.” She decided to extend her contribution by volunteering because the charity is “an easy way to contribute. It’s not a solution just a contribution. Since we have so many things we don’t use, we should give it to people who would.” Chloe also sees further benefits to recycling your clothes, including environmental benefits. By recycling your clothes, less clothes are bought and produced, benefiting the environment in many ways. Yes, helping others in different ways can give you a sense of purpose, though that was not her sole motive to volunteer. Chloe states that, “I like getting in touch with my community because I think you meet the best people in a setting where everyone is working towards helping other people.” As for the “event” itself, teachers, such as Ms. Burgoyne, Ms. Gerstenzang, and Ms. Paquin, were present to guide you. The items were separated by books and clothes. The books got sorted pretty quickly, though. “Boxing books is a lot harder than you think,” Chloe exclaims. The clothes were sorted into a specific colored bag based on its quality. People were working independently and in small groups. Nevertheless, everyone was working hard and socializing. Chloe was shocked by the number of participants, by people she never expected to even care about the cause. Overall the “event” was successful and can be remembered as an open and relaxed setting. 
Again very successful Cradles to Crayons drive, and many kids will be thankful for that! So work just as hard during the Penny Wars!