Only Murders in the Building- Review by Addie DeCoste


Addie DeCoste

First Thoughts:

When my family and I started watching the all-new Hulu show Only Murders in the Building, we found that Tuesday could never come fast enough. Every Tuesday from August 31st up until October 19, 2021, we couldn’t wait to see more. It was a 10 episode show, with three episodes coming out when it premiered. Plus, it has Selena Gomez in it and how can you not love her?

Very nice suspense with a perfect plot line and leading clues. Unbelievable plot twist at the end!

— Abby Chaber

A Brief Description:

Only Murders in the Building is a murder-mystery-comedy show and in the time span of about 20-30 minutes, it will have you thinking like a detective, laughing like a hyena, and waiting impatiently on the many cliff hangers. It starts off with the main characters: Mable Mora (Selena Gomez), Charles-Haden Savage (Steve Martin), and Oliver Putnam (Martin Short) meeting in an elevator. That night their building, the Arconia, houses a death. Tim Kono has died of supposed suicide. However, Mable, Oliver, and Charles think otherwise. As they find clues, continue to sleuth, and start their own podcast, Only Murders in the Building, many various twists and obstacles are thrown at them (and rather harshly).


I would rate this series a 10/10! There are just so many plot twists and every episode leaves you wanting more. My family and friends also agree that this was an awesome show but so ANNOYING! Mainly because every single episode leaves you stuck on a cliff hanger, especially towards the end. So, if you’re into mystery and having to wait FOREVER to get to the end of a show (I doubt you do, but that’s fine) then I most definitely recommend Only Murders In The Building.