Deception Lies Within


Karen Samuel, Writer

Disease: A poem about lying

I sit quietly and ponder in thought

What should I say and what should I hide? 

What words will cause the least disaster? 

What words will cause the least casualties of human emotion,

What is the simplest way out?

 After days and days of pondering 

the thought becomes a pounding headache 

A migraine 

A malady 

 A nightmare 

A facade 

A blur between reality and my destiny


But no it can’t be 

Surely there is a way to cure it? 

A way to contain it? 

A way to refrain from spreading it? 

                 Through all the searching and exploration it’s  a dead end 

but alas the cure is found, the solution to all the symptoms

But it comes with a cost   

  Although be merry, for the cost is just a fraction 

A fraction of your time, thought, and emotion

A fragment of your health, whether physical or mental

 Be wary

For the fraction can become a whole 

    And the disease can spread 

And it does, spreading far and wide in every direction

and I begin to tremble

As I realize that no mask or cure can contain it 


am the transmitter 


The Fall:

The lie is manipulative 

It’s bittersweet like a sour patch

And with a strong aroma 

bringing me so close, that I can smell it from kilometers away. 

I float towards it like a mouse to a slice of cheese 

Soon I feel it trickling down my back like an ice cube 

I see it racing towards me, roaring in its approach 

Step by step the figure grows and grows

As It pulls me closer and closer 

I lose sight of the light 

The truth 

The right 

The lie reaches with its hand that’s full of deception and distrust 

                                         With its arms wide open welcoming me in 

I leisurely move toward it

It takes ahold of me with the strength of a viper snake

 I claw and scream but no one can hear me  

for the void I have fallen into has no hope

It’s no longer my choice, no longer my path 

Soon I’m left with nothing

But the void and the lie  

They’re all lies: 

They’re all lies

 white lies, big lies, or bold lie

No matter the color or size 

 They all cause corruption  

All cause distortion 

All cause distrust

So why do we separate them? 

Why are they given names, when they end in the same result? 

Fear, pain, and agony 

Why are they given names when they’re all for the same cause

Malice, pride, and angst 

Why is lie praised more than the truth? 

How many times until it becomes second nature until it’s your destiny?

Lying is a facade 

But only so few can see behind it 

Some can see behind the shadows 

The lips, the eyes. They can dig deeper than the surface

And explore much further

So much further to the extent that you’re no longer shielded 

No longer in a shelter or a haven

No weapon can keep you safe from any 

 white lie, big lie, or bold lie,

For they are all lies