Noragami Anime Review

Noragami Anime Review

Anaya Iyer

Noragami Review


In a world with gods of different types, there is one god below them all. His name is Yato, a god of calamity who has lived for thousands of years. He has always dreamed of having a shrine of his own and followers all over Japan, but he’s the least popular god of them all. One day, a girl named Hiyori Iki saved him from getting hit by a bus (even though he couldn’t get hurt). That caused her spirit to separate from her body at random times and become a target for evil spirits called Phantoms. Hiyori and Yato have to figure out a way to stop her soul from slipping out of her body.


In my opinion, I’d give this series a 9/10. The reason I rank it so high is mostly because of the characters. They all have human-like personalities and deeper significance to the overall story than the show explains. Every single one is essential to the show, even the side characters. It’s not like other anime I’ve watched where they just have one character for one episode and then they’re gone forever. 

This series is made up of two seasons, around 12-13 episodes each. Many fans are still waiting on a third season which has still not been confirmed. I’d recommend this series to people who are looking for a good story and some laughs along the way.