2021… What Happened?


Alexis Leduc, Spencer Garrison, and Aari Shetty

2021: A Recap

  2020 was an awful year. Thus we entered 2021 with high hopes. Every one of us human beings can agree that things didn’t instantly get better, and that we’ve been through so much these past 3 years. Not everything has been good, but, from where we are now, we can tell that things are going to be better. With that being said, here’s a recap of EVERY significant thing that has happened in the past year that we have all been affected by. 


     Although 2021 was the year of hope, we didn’t exactly get off to a good start. This year started with an attack, an assault on our national security. I’m talking in regards to the capitol riots. I still remember where I was during the capital riots. I was sitting in my room when news of it started filtering into my feed. A few seconds later, I hear my dad turn on the TV. At first I couldn’t believe that something along the lines of this was happening in America. I was sure it was some fake joke. But eventually I was forced to accept the ugly truth. On January 6th, 2021 America faced the first attack from its own citizens since the Civil War ended in 1865. More than 700 people gathered outside of the US Capitol that day, under the guise of “saving America.” Some claims state that Donald Trump organized the riot with numerous pieces of evidence to support them. However, I’ll let you do your own research on that. The mob moved on through the capitol before climbing the steps of the Capitol Building and attempted to attack the people counting votes. These people, in addition to this, vandalized and looted parts of the building. This event was an atrocious act against our national security and the beliefs of every good American. No matter left or right, everyone agrees that what happened at the capital that day was disgraceful to our country. Be that as it may, this year started on a dark tone, but I kept faith that things would get better. Fourteen days after the attacks, President Joe Biden got inaugurated into office on the 20th of January, as well as Vice President Kamala Harris who made history as the first female, Black, and South-Asian vice president. 

On March 15, Deb Haaland was confirmed as Interior secretary, making her America’s first Native American Cabinet secretary and on March 23, the enormous cargo ship “Ever Given” gets stuck inside the Suez Canal, putting a sudden halt in global trade operations. Then on March 29, the trial against former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin in the killing of George Floyd began.

Next month: Our hopes of a child’s vaccine became lesser and lesser, until May 10th. The food  anddrug administration officially approved a vaccine eligible for the purpose of children 12-16! A mix of happiness and fear spread throughout America. I remember, sitting on my couch as my mom entered the room wide-eyed, looking at her phone. Just from her face I could tell something amazing had happened. She looked away from her phone and smiled as she said, “One step closer to stopping Covid!” 

This was a breakthrough for all of the world, allowing the young to get vaccines. Soon after, stores would not have mask mandates, along with some schools! This actively demonstrated so much for the world and foreshadowed the end of Covid.  In June, even more corona-virus updates occured. However, on the 23d of July, the 2021 Tokyo Olympics begin. Suddenly, “The Taliban” comes out and is gaining power in Afghanistan. And as the months go by, so do both the Tokyo games and the dreaded corona-virus updates. On September 19, a bus crashed in central Pennsylvania leaving 6 people in a near death condition and 24 wounded. In addition to this, on September 19, a military plane crashed in Lake Worth, Texas,  injuring two people in the area. One week earlier, On September 7, Texas Governor Abbott signed a controversial voting bill into law. The bill prevents 24-hour and drive-thru voting, as well as imposed restrictions on mail-in ballots. The law in addition allows bipartisan poll watchers. Less than a week earlier on September 5, it was reported that there were 46 people injured and 3 more killed due to gun violence in Chicago and on the same day, a South Carolina attorney was shot in the head only a few months after his wife and son were found dead. The two murders and shooting are still a mystery. Also a former marine broke into two homes, shooting and killing four people. The suspect was wearing body armor and barricaded himself in one of the homes, engaging in a shootout with police officers before eventually surrendering. He allegedly told his girlfriend he was seeing visions of God before he went on the shooting spree. Officials, however, have yet to find a connection between the suspect and the victims. Later, on September 10, two middle school students in Florida were arrested in an alleged school shooting plot. A teacher allegedly shared a tip that one of the students had a gun in his backpack. A search did not yield any weapons; however, officers did state the two students had suddenly developed an interest in the Columbine shooting.

No major events happened in October. However, in November many events went on. On November 15, the death toll for Astroworld rose to 10 after it was reported that a 9-year-old victim succumbed to his injuries. It was on top of that, reported that four people in an Arizona trailer park were shot and killed the night before only to have their bodies found the next day. At the most, six teens were wounded after a shooting at a park near a high school in Colorado. On November 20, authorities called for calm after the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case came back as not guilty. Rioters in Portland threw rocks into buildings. New York and Chicago additionally saw protests, and although this may be true, they were much calmer and peaceful. The next day, November 21, at least three people were arrested after dozens looted a Nordstrom near San Francisco. At least 80 people, filling 10 vehicles, were involved in the ransack. A few days after, a new covid-19 variant was found. This variant is called Omi Cron and is extremely spreadable. 

Closing up in December, there have been threats of school shootings from TikTok that have left parents concerned, and cops called outside of multiple schools, making sure we are all safe. The new COVID-19 variant, Omi Cron has put a sudden halt into the newly passed, flexible masking that we have been enjoying for a little bit.

Now, we are all up to date. So, let’s all hope that things will be better next year.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.