How to Survive this Winter


Chloe Flynn, Writer

The holidays are my favorite time of the year. The snow is freshly fallen, people’s houses are lit up at night, and I get to spend time with my family over break. However, despite all the festivities of the holidays, I can’t help but feel burnt out and a little depressed after they are over. I have come to learn that many people experience similar struggles in the winter. In order to enjoy myself this season, I’ve come up with five simple rituals to add to my life.


Tip #1 – Detox and Reset

Along with resolutions, getting rid of things you don’t need is often promoted during the new year. Although it may seem tedious, creating an organized space around you can help boost your mood and make you less stressed. Organizing your personal life can help you clear your mind, as well. If you have something you’ve been trying to tell a friend, or an assignment that you have been meaning to make up, now is the time to do it. With these things out of the way, you will have nothing weighing you down this winter.


Tip #2 – Decorate Your Life

Winter can often feel drab and lifeless, which can cause you to be run by motor. This means you only do the bare minimum and don’t put much thought into the things you do. For example, instead of hanging out with friends and doing something you enjoy, you follow a routine that looks identical every day. Being run by a motor can cause you to ignore your mental health. To prevent this, you can decorate your life with things you love. In addition to cleaning your space, you can also add decorations as a pick-me-up. This could be the ticket to a concert you’re going to next summer, or a picture of you and your sibling that reminds you of a fun weekend. You can also add activities that make you happy. I love to bake, so I make sure to do it as often as I can. These small changes can help bring intention into your life.


Tip #3 – Find a Project 

Find something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time, or something entirely new. This will be a project that you can look forward to throughout the winter. It could be anything from painting a picture to hang in your room to learning how to speak a new language. Make sure this project is something you’ll truly look forward to, rather than an obligation. This way, you’ll be motivated to finish it, and it will be a form of rest and rejuvenation for you.


Tip #4 – Go Easy on Yourself 

During the wintertime the days are shorter. Because of the reduced light, your body produces more Melatonin (the hormone that makes you sleep). Naturally, you’ll be more tired than usual. You may have noticed this previously because we have already reached the darkest day of the year, which was the first day of winter. Winter is the time to hibernate, so make sure you get the rest you deserve. If you need to cancel plans in order to have a relaxing afternoon alone, then do so. Don’t let yourself feel guilty about being lazy, you’re simply regaining your energy to come back even stronger in the spring.


Tip #5 – Live in the Present

Throughout a cold, dark winter, I often find myself looking to the future and wishing to skip right to the spring. There is no way to win with this mindset because winter is arguably the longest season when you live in the northeast. I ended up being discontent for months on end. Instead, learn to embrace the beauty of winter. Appreciate  snow, warm drinks, or anything that you love about winter. And remember to spend time doing things that make you passionate, rather than things that drain you.


The flowers droop in the winter, but that doesn’t mean 

you need to. I hope these tips keep your life colorful this season. Although decorating your room or starting a new project can be helpful, nothing will make a difference without a new mindset. Think of winter as something to embrace, not something you need to endure. I advise you to slow down, reassess, and just enjoy the snow.