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Chloe Flynn

Chloe Flynn, Feature Writer

      Chloe is a feature writer, and contributor to the Gazette on the 8th grade blue team. Chleo has been interested in journalism for a while, but only committed to it this year. Chloe joined Gazette to pursue her interest in journalism alongside the motivation from her friends. Chloe hopes to become a broadcast anchor and learn how to express her own thoughts and opinions while also publishing pieces that spark genuine interest in readers. As a reader Chloe is drawn to controversial opinion pieces, along with realistic and historical fictional novels. 

     Chloe is a hard working, down to earth, optimistic, friend, student, and writer. In her free time Chloe enjoys reading, playing the piano and clearing her head with a run. Overall Chloe hopes that joining Gazette will set her up with new and improved journalistic skills.

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